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Whose Priorities Are You Prioritising?

It feels like the hardest thing sometimes is just organising your life. Remembering to brush your hair. Write out birthday cards in time to be sent (this one I'm particularly bad at). Finish blog posts. Tweet on schedule. But it's worse when you think you've got it together, you're riding that wave of smugness, then somebody throws a curve ball at you. BAM. "Family comes first." "Work comes first." "You come first." "Health comes first." "Money comes first." Where do you even begin to prioritise when you're being fed what you should think are the most important things in your life?

Not so long ago I was all about my career.

I worked so hard, long hours and hardly getting anywhere (that good old hamster-in-the-wheel metaphor). When I moved to a new town, I decided my priority definitely shouldn't be my career. I decided my priority was me, to enjoy my little life I had created, to make new friends, cycle until my legs gave up, eat until my scales wobbled that little bit more (they definitely do now), laugh until the lines became a permanent part of me. I'm not saying I gave up on my career, far from it, but once I realised that my priority should be the thing that makes me most happy I became happier!

My mind was clearer and I felt newly invigorated. Then I started Women Who Do and I'm LOVING the balance of working on this and enjoying my life (I wrote this blog post on a train to Stockholm!).

I'm not saying everyone has it that easy, some people have no choice but to do things they have to do. But what I'm saying is to do those things out of necessity; not expectation of others.

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