How it all started...

I had just moved to Winchester, Hampshire and I didn't know anyone. I had zero friends. In my home town, Plymouth, I had done A LOT of networking, all of which was awkward and none of it I enjoyed. Nonetheless, with no other obvious option to meet people, I decided to go to a networking event on the hunt for some likeminded folk, maybe even make a buddy or two. I arrived, brimming with the excitement of the possibility of meeting people who were also passionate about their careers and gin. When I walked into the room, no one came and met me at the door, no one introduced themselves to me, everyone stood in impenetrable clusters. Not one to be defeated, I buckled up, grabbed a strong coffee in a styrofoam cup and muscled into a circle - my plan was to subtly join their conversation - this plan failed because as soon as I had managed to get into the clique I was ambushed with a million questions: "What's your marketing budget?", "Who's the biggest client you've worked with", "What was your biggest campaign?" ON AND ON AND ON. I stuttered, I stammered, I felt utterly dejected and then, to make matters worse, the organiser announced we would be doing our elevator pitches in five minutes. So not only did I now have to stand in front of all these people and talk, I also had to work out what my elevator pitch was. I announced I was "popping to the loo" and left, coffee cup still in my hand!


A few months later, in a conversation with my partner, I announced that I should start a women's networking group. within a week I had built a website, designed our branding and had organised our first event, all alongside a full-time job, that was how bloody determined I was to make this happen.

About WWD

From that, Women Who Do was born. Our concept is simple: Connect, Support and Empower. Our events are created with the aim to connect women like you, at any stage of your career or business journey, within your local area and online. We want to fuel your passion, develop your existing skill-set and encourage gaining new ones by learning from each other. We truly believe that like this, we can help women achieve their goals and aspirations. There's no pitches, no competition and a very welcoming and open atmosphere.

We have ran over 50 events, we have over 2,500 members of our community and continue to grow every single day.

Emma x