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About us 

Have you ever walked into a networking event and felt totally alone?

Have you been thinking for a while "I have to quit my job, it's killing me"?

Have you started a business and felt like you have no one who listens?

Are you passionate about something but don't know where to use your voice?​

Well hello sister, we hear you!

We've been there, in fact. We've been frustrated by our jobs. We felt like no one listened or cared about our new business. We felt like we needed more friends.

And that's why we started Women Who Do in 2017.

We help fearless females live their big, bold ambitions in business and life. We help YOU achieve your version of success whilst feeling heard, supported and empowered.


About Emma

Hi, I'm Emma. Founder of Women Who Do. Some things you should know about me:

  • I'm passionate about empowering women to achieve their goals

  • I love anything Disney. 

  • I have worked in marketing for 12 years 

  • I have a gorgeous marketing consultancy

  • Cake is my favourite thing. And croissants.

  • It's my life mission to raise as many female voices as I can.

I've built WWD to be so much more than a networking group; that's just how we started it's not our limit. First and foremost I've built WWD to become a community. A community of inspired, talented, passionate women who want to build a dreamy life that's perfect for them.

If you'd like to have a chat, if you have any questions or would like to speak about collaborations then you can email me:

Pavlina joined the business in January 2023 as our Operations Director.


Hi, I'm Pav and I love connecting people! I'm great at recognising strengths in people and creating circles where people feel at home.

I'm also a mama to two boys and forever and always getting lost on the walks in the New Forest. 

I work part-time as a creative VA & digital marketer for small businesses alongside my work at WWD.


If you'd like to discuss networking or business opportunities you can email me:

About Pavlina

How we work





Sharing stories and insights from experts, business owners and action-takers. It's Her Business is all about having important conversations in a safe, open space.

Facebook Group

Every business owner needs a group of cheerleaders. Come and join us and find your new business BFF.


From empowering articles of success to tips and tricks from leaders and business owners; head over to the blog for a perfect read with a cuppa.


Our beautiful shops is full of products from female owned small businesses. We focus on all things business and wellbeing.


The WWD: Be Bold - The Conference is two days of business & wellness workshops for women who want a business and life that feels electric.


We've collaborated with leading experts in business, wellness, coaching and creativity to bring you a range of PAYG Masterclasses.

Goal Setting

Our powerful goal setting sessions are the perfect way to set intentional goals for your personal and business growth. Take a look at when your next session is due.

1:1 Coaching



We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available. If you're interested we would love to hear from you.


Join our growing directory of service providers from £60 a year.


Join us for our first Awards ceremony in 2022 - celebrating all that women are and all that they achieve.

Sponsorship opportunities now available.



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