WWD; a timeline

May 2017

I sat with a cup of coffee drawing out an idea for a female networking collaborative where I lived, in Winchester. I had no idea this was the first draft of my business plan.

June 2017

I launched Women Who Do with a new website, a mission and a brand I felt passionate about. 

July 2017

Sept 2017

WWD had their first networking morning in a cosy independent coffee shop in Winchester. 17 excited and nervous ladies came along. It was amazing.

With the success of the Winchester networking I decided to open a Southampton network too. Another cosy independent coffee shop and another wonderful community gathering over crossaints and coffee.

Oct 2017

Nov 2017

Our first of many networking pop-ups; in Exeter!

WWD held our first real campaign called Healthy Body, Healthy Business. We worked alongside professionals in nutrition, exercise, mental health and spirituality to run a week of events and information on the importance of looking after You.


the year of collaborations


the year of growth


the year of reflection

We spent the year building our community online, with sell-out events; evening workshops and plenty of collaborations with other businesses. 

We were nominated for Awards, spoke at events, grew our events, launched a weekend retreat and continued to work with more and more women and empower them to reach their potential. We also launched our first membership platform; WWDBold. We had 9 Co-Editors join us driving our blog and social content.

2020 was set to be our biggest year yet. On the day we were due to speak to a Natwest & Crowdfunding event the nation went into lockdown. By June, we decided that it was time to step away from WWD to realign what our vision from this amazing brand meant. We spent the year researching, watching, reviewing and redesigned our new brand, ethos, goals and vision.

What next?

In 2021 we're going back to basics. We're focusing on sharing the stories of women all over the UK and beyond.