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Campaign & Advocacy Group

We're launching a Campaign & Advocacy Group. The aim for the group is:

✅ to strengthen/collaborate on specific external campaigns/petitions that fit into our values

✅ to share vital information with our community

✅ to run campaigns to amplify a cause we feel strongly about

✅ to signpost to organisations and support links

✅ to become part of a wider political conversation about equality, the gender pain gap and female health and safety.


C&A Group Structure

The group will be led by a volunteer Leadership Committee comprised of 5/6 decision makers who will meet monthly.


The wider group will be made up of volunteers who would like to get involved in specific projects/campaigns/events. This group will meet bi-monthly or quarterly.


We are also looking for businesses who would like support the group financially.

If you're interested in becoming involved please complete the application form below.

We aim to have the group up and running by September 2022.

Is this for me?

If you've been watching recent events and are now looking for a way to channel your passion, your anger, your voice - this could be for you. 

We're looking for volunteers who are ready to make a real difference and a real change. To ensure the equality movement continues to move, whether within businesses, in the education system, in our politics or in every day life. It's also about bringing awareness to important causes, campaigns and charities. 

There are plenty of roles, so finding something that suits your skills, time and interests should be easy.

Register your interest
Volunteering role I'm interesed in:
My skills/strengths

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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