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Salma Moosavi

Your Southampton Hub Leader

Salma is a career and business coach. With 20+ years of experience across various industries such as finance, education, EdTech and Startups.


Salma helps transform people's lives by aligning their career and business goals with their values. Currently, she works with General Assembly - a retraining company helping people to get jobs in in-demand industries.

Salma is also the founder of Kaiizen, a career coaching company, where she guides mid-career individuals to break free from the monotony of their current careers by simplifying career transitions and helping individuals to craft a fulfilling and rewarding career path, empowering them to live a life of unapologetic fulfilment.
In her spare time she is a mum to a little boy and mentors start-up founders with Virgin Start Up, Natwest and the British Council.


She also loves to take on the challenge of a sewing project and to get some yoga in when she can!

Salma joined the WWD Team in 2024 as our Hub Leader in Southampton.

Find Salma:

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