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Katie Palmer

Your Central Berkshire Hub Leader

Katie has been helping people ease pain and trauma for over twenty-two years with holistic therapies, transformative hypnotherapy, self-belief coaching, and energy healing.

Katie's clients often have an inner voice telling them: 'You can't,' 'You won't,' 'Stop,' 'No,' 'You're stupid, ugly..' 'You're not clever, loved, worth, enough...' These thoughts then cause symptoms in their body, including anxiety, insomnia, depression, and low self-esteem. Katie enjoys seeing her clients bloom into confident, calm, and in-control versions of themselves. 

Katie worked for a charity in community development before opening a well-being centre with three therapy rooms, a studio, and a shop in 2015. She now runs her clinic from a haven in her garden and looks forward to meeting many incredible women who do in central Berkshire. 

Katie joined the WWD Team in 2024 as our Hub Leader in Central Berkshire.

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