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It's Her Business - The wonderful and colourful world of Orangerinka!

Let me introduce Irina, a figurative artist based in Ukraine.

Irina creates nature-inspired art in watercolour and acrylics. She paints animals and birds, flowers and plants using bright, vivid colours to create eye-catching pieces that exude positivity!

In our conversation, Irina made it clear that her goal was to bring happiness and joy to the viewer, to reduce stress in a world saturated with it - which is totally something we can get on board with.

Her current project is a series of floral watercolour paintings "Circle of gold". In these artworks, the lightweight and bright petals and green leaves pop from delightfully gleaming golden background which encircles the flowers.

But instead of me telling you about her work, I'll let Irina share her world with you instead...

I would say, Dare, girl. You definitely deserve all the success and beyond the imagination. There is a place for everyone. Don't be afraid to start. Don't be afraid to start something new as soon as you see there's a better thing to do. It's your game.

Hi Irina, it's lovely to meet you. Tell me, how long have you been painting? What made you want to start?

I started painting on a daily basis 6 years ago when I was taking a break from an IT writing business, and so it continues ever since. But previously my life was bound to art too as I studied 7 years in art school.

IT to art, that's quite a change! Stories seem to play a big part in your art and your life; tell us a bit more about that.

There's a concept behind my animalistic paintings I'd like to share with you.

I noticed that we usually make projections of emotional states on animals' and birds' "facial" expressions. We look at them and imagine what they are feeling or saying. Our mind tells us a story.

I use this effect in my art. My characters reflect positive emotions to the viewer. The traits of their faces, sometimes exaggerated, make them look a bit like kids' book illustrations. I love to tell stories through my paintings.

Some of my works come together with written short stories or storytelling topic starters (more of them on my blog). If you have kids, you can use it to tell bedtime stories or role play with them.

We love your blog, the story of Charlotte the Chameleon is a favourite here. What have been your biggest learning experiences since becoming a business owner?

My biggest learning experience was a course for art entrepreneurs I'm taking now. It's so inspiring and liberating to the new horizons.

How has your style developed? How does it reflect your personality?

It's an interesting question. I think it happened gradually. But my main aim has always been to try to unite the natural likeness of my characters with some fairytale features. In this search of a balance between real and imaginary, the colours or traits help to create the romantic and happy feel of my art. I think it reveals my personality; of a dreamer and fiction book lover, who yet is pretty much a practical person, and the middle way seeker. 

Which of your pieces means the most you?

My favourite and most special painting is the "Neon Giraffe". The story behind it is that it has a real living prototype, a giraffe we met in Paphos zoo during our trip to Cyprus this spring. My 3 year old daughter enjoyed feeding this beautiful and graceful animal so much she was all happy giggles and screams of joy. It has been her favourite discussion topic ever since. So when she asked me to paint something for her, we immediately decided on this giraffe. I painted it from one of my photos. During the creative process she was giving me her approval about the colour choice and whether the frame should be gold or white. She loved the results so much and her giraffe now has its happy place above her bed. And I'm happy I created a painting that has a special meaning for both of us.

That's so beautiful and what a gorgeous animal. What has your biggest success/accomplishment/achievement been since starting your business?

Sending my paintings worldwide and getting positive feedback from the new owners makes me tickle every time. I would like to travel as much as my art does.

If you had any superpower, what would it be?

As an entrepreneur Mum, I share my time between painting, running my business and full time working from home routine. I would definitely like to have 48 hours in the day or have a superpower of speed+efficiency.


Irina's Etsy shop advertises "Original watercolour and acrylic art for happy people." - which sounds pretty darn awesome to us!

Well, even if you weren't happy before, spending time with Irina or her work will certainly make you feel it.

You can see more of Irina's work and learn more about her on her website and her Instagram.


Katie Eade, It's Her Business Editor,

Katie is a qualified primary school teacher, experienced tutor and is an advocate for creativity, individuality and strong mental health.  She founded Happy&co to support children with their learning, confidence and self-esteem. The best part of her job is building relationships with the children and family's she works with.

If you would like to be featured in It's Her Business, please contact Katie or Claryn Nicholas and they will be in touch -


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