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Join The Bold Club

Burnt out? ✅

Frustrated? ✅

Lonely? ✅

Overwhelmed? ✅

Struggling to think of new creative ideas? ✅

I hear ya! Running a small business, growing your empire, making a profit is H.A.R.D.W.O.R.K

The Bold Club is designed to give you the space to think about strategy, planning, organisation and reflection. It's's essential to take time away from your business and step back, to look at where you're going next. To get fully behind the reigns so that each month doesn't zoom by in a blur of endless content creation, lost bits of paper, an inbox that never reduces and a stressed out and confused brain. 

For Boost & Accelerate Members you will be giving yourself the gift of time and working with us on a 1:2:1 basis to:

🚀 Analyse your business; from your social media to your website

🚀 Create an ongoing marketing strategy

🚀 Highlight areas where new processes could save you time & money

🚀 Brainstorm new ideas, concepts and launches

🚀 Create manageable monthly goals

🚀 Have monthly accountability; so there's no going off in a different direction or procrastinating!

What are you waiting for?! 👇



Boost Member 🚀


Member 💰

  • Monthly 1 hour 1-2-1 business boost call

  • 5% off events & products

  • First to know new changes & opportunities

  • Monthly half day 1-2-1 business boost call

  • First to know new changes & opportunities

  • 10% off events & products

  • Free opportunities for advertising within our community

  • Added to list of directory for referrals


Limited space per month


Limited space per month

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