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Each box contains 30, 6” incense sticks with an approx burn time of 25-30 minutes per stick. 
– Ethically made in India with Natural Ingredients
~ non-toxic
– cruelty-free
~ Scented with essential oils


Light the tip of the incense and blow out the flame, to reveal a burning ember. Make sure your room is ventilated.


  • Dragon's blood has been used in incense for centuries, It is a luxuriously rich, mildly sweet smell.
  • Embrace the lush floral scent of Ylang - Ylang, tropical and sweet it is the perfect treat.
  • The uplifting floral scent of Jasmine is very popular for de stress and creating a serene environment.
  • Burn the beautiful fragrance of Nag Champa to cleans eyour space and bring positivity to your mood.
  • Unwind in the earthy aroma of Frankincense, a calming aroma that alleviates anxiety, perfect for meditation.


18cm x 6cm x 2cm


Net weight

Natural Incense Sticks

£10.00 Regular Price
£6.50Sale Price
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