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Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Dreams

By Jacqui Rudd, from The Maker Edit

The simple act of celebrating yourself can help you build resilience, optimism, self-belief and keep up motivation along your journey to reaching your dreams.

It can also be a great self-management tool, because by celebrating small wins you are also helping to keep track of your progress and keep up momentum towards your goals. But celebrating your achievements can also reinforce the behaviour to show up and face new challenges and reduce anxiety around new opportunities in the future. So essentially, celebrating your small wins can help you feel more confident!

So here are 6 tips for celebrating small wins to achieve big dreams:

1. Break Down Large Goals into Smaller Goals

Give yourself a list of tasks and actions to tick off and celebrate along your journey to achieving your big ambitions, think of these as steps towards reaching your dream like progress up a mountain.

2. Reflect and Rewards for Yourself

Set yourself weekly reflection time and a treat to celebrate my progress. These can be small treats, gifts, an item off your wish list, time off or relaxation time.

3. Write a Gratitude Letter to Yourself

This can be such an uplifting exercise. Take time to sit down with a journal and write what you are proud of, what you love about yourself and what you wish for yourself.

4. Be Playful and Excited

Allow yourself to find fun activities to engage in and inject some playfulness into your life.

Get excited about your achievements by doing a happy dance and bask in the moment of your win.

5. Create Habits for Daily Wins

Helpful habits can be a great way to give yourself an added boost daily. But don’t pile too many new habits on at once. Try stacking a new habit onto an existing habit, such as setting up your tasks for the day when you’re already making your usual morning tea or doing a meditation right after brushing your teeth.

6. Share and Communicate your Achievements

We are social creatures and sharing our accomplishments with others can be a reward in itself, so allow others to be involved in your celebration.


Creating a plan that actively encourages you to acknowledge your achievements can help as a visual reminder of your progress and all the wins along your journey.


About Jacqui Rudd

Jacqui is a freelance writer, guest lecturer and accredited coach and mentor working within the creative industries. Jacqui specialises in the craft sector and with her business The Maker Edit supports maker entrepreneurs and creative businesses navigating imposter syndrome, building self-management skills and cultivating a growth mindset.


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