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Grow your brand awareness

Yes, I'll admit we do favour those who are active members of our wonderful community. This is because those who help us and are loyal to us deserve preferential treatment; our community are our priority.

So, if you're looking to get involved with some of our opportunities then come and introduce yourself to us first, let's get to know you, come along to an event, join our Facebook group, listen to our podcast - become part of this amazing community.

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Podcast Guests

We are now looking for podcast guests for series 2 of Her Business & Co Podcast. Series 1 was interview formats so for Series 2 we will be having weekly themes and looking for people to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

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Guest Blog Posts

We have a thriving blog that attracts contributors from all over the UK. We share our posts on social media & some will be in our newsletters. We have various formats, from interview style to our Minute Mastermind.

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Guest Workshops

If you're interested in hosting a guest workshop for WWD let's chat. We currently run a full programme of online events and have regular guest workshops that are a wonderful way to speak directly to our audience.