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Artist’s impression of the famed “Venus of Willendorf” artifact.

The Woman* of Willendorf is the oldest three-dimensional representation of a human being. A window into our paleolithic past! Nobody really knows if she is a lucky talisman, an object of worship, purely decorative or what. Whoever she is and whatever her purpose this woman's image survived from around 30,000 bc.

* more famously known as Venus of Willendorf - although it's becoming recognised that using this term projects a whole bunch of 19 C western assumptions about the female figure and its' purpose in art of onto a culture we know very little about. Ie - they assumed it was to titillate. Modern scholarship rejects this.

40mm Hard enamel pin in black, pink, or white with gold coloured metal

Double posts with rubber backs

Made in the UK

Women of Willendorf Enamel Pin

£10.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
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