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It's Her Business - Sina Longman; Eco Zeena

We met Sina at one of our networking events and knew immediately we had to feature her on It's Her Business. Sina is Eco-Warrior to the very core and her values and passion for sustainable living have driven her business forward. Sina talks to us about her inspirations, biggest challenges and what she has up her sleeve next...

What inspired you to start Eco Zeena?

I have tried to live more sustainably in all aspects of my life for a long time. From

eating mainly vegetarian to buying second-hand, driving less and reducing waste –

it’s a long list. With environmental degradation and climate change being the key

challenges of our generation, I think it is increasingly important that we all try to

reduce the environmental impact associated with our lifestyle choices. The business

allows me to share my passion for sustainability with many people and help them

reduce their environmental footprint.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

The positive feedback and genuine interest of people in making small (or big)

changes in their lives to live more sustainably. It’s great to see that I’m not on my

own and I strongly believe that our individual changes make a big difference. I think

Greta Thunburg is a great example: She started as an individual but has inspired a

global movement.

What has been the hardest part?

To be honest, managing stock and the finance has been quite hard. Especially at the

beginning I just stepped into the unknown. For the success of my business, I need to

offer products that people like to use, so I am always open to new product

suggestions. As a result, it’s always worth re-visiting my stall as I keep changing the

products I offer, mainly by adding to my range.

What have been some of your biggest challenges? How have you learnt from


Making the decision to start my own business in the first place was not easy. I

thought about it many times before I committed to it. This has taught me that we can

only find out if something works or not by trying it. If my business should fail, at least

I can say that I have tried it. For me, that is more important than looking back and

wondering “What if…?”. Since starting the business, I have taken the challenges as they come – small and large. I have learnt a lot since and continue to enjoy learning about the different

facets of running a business. It is never boring!

What have you got coming up in your business?

I have a few ideas for my business, but won’t give them all away now. I am currently

working on adding the products I sell at my market stall to my website

(, so watch this space! With Christmas approaching, I am going to be doing more markets, both in Winchester and further afield.

Eco Zeena will be selling their products at our Happy, Healthy Me event on Saturday 30th November. We will have an afternoon on incredible speakers and panel talks on all things health and wellbeing. Tickets are £7.50 (£35 for VIP) and can be purchased here.

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