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It's Her Business: Natalia Langsdale. Founder of Bright Creativity & Made With Love by Natalia

Lockdown has had a great effect on majority of us. It being in our personal or professional lives. Well, let us introduce you to Natalia Langsdale - a multi-business owner who hasn't let the pandemic slow her down. If anything, it has fueled her to achieve bigger and better things than ever.

Hi Natalia, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a bit about yourself!

In a nutshell I am a polyglot, consummate luxury professional turned sustainable crafter thanks to the pandemic, today I help fellow crafters locally as Vice President of Les Créateurs de Vendée in France while rocking international UHNWI weddings on the French Riviera.

Wow - tell us more about your business...

Yesterday, I headed up a successful luxury PR and events agency hosting unforgettable events for UHNWI on board superyachts like golf at sea (sustainable golf balls made of fish food) with pro golfers, dinners in the sky overlooking Casino Square in Monaco, or BYOB (Bring Your Own Wine) concept with three 2-star Michelin star chefs on board a 70m superyacht, writing as Editor at Large for lifestyle and luxury titles about F1 or the Monaco Yacht Show to name but a few cool facts.

Today, I create sustainable hand-made decor for home and soul that adorn the likes of the jet set in Monte-Carlo or on board superyachts as well as more low-key in concept stores all over. In between, I am also a wedding planner with an eye for detail and passion for styling which has made it into British Vogue, Madame Figaro, Brides magazine or wedding blogs such as Wedding Sparrow. You can find more on my CV here:

You are one multi-talented lady, Natalia. Where did the idea for your businesses come from?

I spent the first lockdown faced with my events and PR business totally crashing against a wall with cancellations snowballing once the pandemic hit hard. The French Riviera and Monaco was hard hit.

My entire year was a series of cancellations and postponements and I decided to not feel sorry for myself and make do with what I had - NATURE!

Discarded pieces of driftwood, cotton string and soy wax were my materials that began from nothing to today becoming a hit with concept stores, locals and sustainable media worldwide!

What have been your biggest learning experiences since becoming a business owner?

The lockdown made me have to pivot from a world that was my comfort zone and life since graduating in 2004. I moved to a totally new region, left behind 28 years of business and personal contacts, looked from the bottom up to my achievements. My biggest experience was that what others saw as a failure was not a failure but part of my book of experiences.


Being able to adapt to the wave of change and do something out of nothing was immensely satisfying. Changing the rules in the book to suit a new way of life, never giving up

Bankruptcy was tough on the morale but I had something more satisfying on the go and I believed in it and here I am, VP of an association with 95 members and counting in less than 6 months!

If you could give one bit of advice to someone thinking of starting their own business, what would it be?

Remember that starting a new business takes patience, resilience, hard work and perseverance. If you have a tough shell, the gift of the gab and are not afraid of falling without wings in the process, then you will nail it.

What has your biggest success been since starting your business?

Having my hand shaken as a heartfelt thank you of 5 of the world’s most wealthy UHNWI after one of the events I put together for a private bank. They didn’t want to leave on cue they enjoyed it so much and it was the story of 3 years of creating some of the most exceptional and unthinkable events which I am immensely proud of.

Achievements? Talking about my rollercoaster professional career to a group of MBA students recently at the Munich Business School (beats my appearance on Channel 5 UK as a luxury expert!) and being humbled by their immense enthusiasm and willingness to learn from someone like me.

Who inspires you?

My late mother who was a power force and from whom my resilience and chameleon character stems from. She could do everything her heart desired from parachuting nurse, to chef for a Lord at Kensington Palace to accountant… As long as there was a dream and passion she grasped it. That’s what inspires me and makes me, me.

What book/article/podcast really gave you that OMG moment?

Hands down Maya Angelou’s work:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

That is my motto and go to in all I do.

You can find out more about Natalia and her businesses here:

MADE WITH LOVE BY NATALIA | Website | Instagram

BRIGHT CREATIVITY | Website Instagram



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