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It's Her Business: Louise Lewis

We've all been there - feeling lost in our existing jobs and wanting to find more fulfilling roles that will be personal and authentic to us. That's where Louise has dedicated several years to gain qualifications in nutritional therapy and open her own practice. She shares with us her journey.

Hi Louise thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, I'm Louise, and I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist (MBANT). I live in Oxfordshire and have recently made the move to working on my business full-time. Prior to that I was working in publishing and running my business at the weekends.

Congratulations on making such a huge step! Talk to us some more about your business...

I run a busy online clinic Louise Lewis Nutrition, where I help women who feel anxious, are stressed or burnt out and get them back to calm, balance, and ultimately, to thrive in their life. I strive to get to the root cause of their symptoms such as low energy, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances by running state-of-the-art testing to pinpoint their individual needs. The testing provides an accurate insight into how they can feel better. I can then create a completely bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan. Everything is individualised, which is the beauty of the programme. We are all unique and therefore so is my programme.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

About 8 years ago, I had a hankering that publishing wasn't where I wanted to be forever. I enjoyed my job but it wasn't authentically me. I was going through a period with my mental health as well having had anxiety since a young age and then panic attacks in my 20s. I started to explore lifestyle changes and nutrition. I started a blog and ended up going back to college to train for 3 years in nutrition! After qualifying I then took 4 years to work out what I wanted my business to be, to shape it, and learn all I needed to for success.

I ultimately wanted to combine my personal experience of supporting my own mental wellness with my professional training and help other women.

What have been your biggest learning experiences since becoming a business owner?

That it doesn't happen overnight! It has taken me 7 years to train in my field, qualify, and then learn how to run a business. You need a lot of patience but also commitment to the vision and dream. I would also say to get help where you need it. There were lots of things I didn't know and instead of trying to learn it on my own, I got help. It's more investment, sure, but it's worth it.

If you could give one bit of advice to someone thinking of starting their own business, what would it be?

Get really clear on what you're doing and why.

What are you hoping to get from this? Is it a side-hustle or a full-time job? Then refine what the business is: who is your target market? What help do you need/ what do you need to learn to get there?

What has your biggest success/accomplishment/achievement been since starting your business?

The results I get with my clients. I get such a thrill seeing them go from constantly tired, running on empty, putting up with digestive symptoms like bloating, confused about what diet to follow - to having clarity about what works for them, more energy than they've had in ages, feeling armed with tools for when life's stresses do come up, and feeling empowered with new knowledge about how food, digestion and lifestyle affect their mental wellness. Also, getting published in magazines such as 'Women's Own' and 'Your Healthy Living' was a big high!

Who inspires you?

I have been lucky to have some amazing coaches and mentors since I qualified. They have been key to my success. Also other women in business.

I feel like there are people that I was meant to meet along the way to inspire me on my path.

These aren't always in my field of nutrition - but anyone who has had a vision and taken the path less well-trodden of self-employment have made my dreams feel more achievable.

What book/article/podcast really gave you that OMG moment?

Reading the brilliant 'Playing Big' by Tara Mohr. That book spoke to me like no other! The chapter about callings was a real OMG moment. She also speaks so well about imposter syndrome and how to squash it.

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