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Interview with: Bloody Brilliant Campaign

We're big fans of female led campaigns, especially when those campaigns are also female-centric. So imagine our glee when (scrolling through IG) we came across two total badasses and their campaign; Bloody Brilliant. We knew we had to interview them and find out more about their mission and how we could support them.

Hi both of you, tell us a bit about yourselves!

Hi! We are Rhoanne Flanagan and Katie Rice, third year Graphic Design students at University of Greenwich. As early 20-something female activists we are all too aware of the issues surrounding menstruation within society. Using our skills as designers we decided we wanted to help create change and do something good.

Something good indeed! Talk to us about the Bloody Brilliant campaign...

Our campaign all started when we noticed a lack of period products in our university’s toilets. We then surveyed over 40 universities and found that most of them didn’t have access to free (or paid for) period products either. As women we understand the embarrassment and anxiety that occurs when you start your period unexpectedly in public places. We believe women shouldn’t have to walk to the shops to get period products or miss out on their education because period products weren’t available in their institutions toilets. Why aren’t women accounted for when universities and public spaces are designed? That’s why we started Bloody Brilliant.

Rho, tell us what your main goals are for Bloody Brilliant?

Our main goal is it get all university students access to free period products. So far we have sent shirts to 8 countries, have gained 15 ambassadors, sold 100 t-shirts, and reached over 2,295 on social media.

That's some impressive stats! What have been your biggest barriers to your achieving your goals?

Our biggest barrier has been in finding a way to make the campaign kits free in order to allow anyone who wanted to campaign do so. We decided the best way to spread the word about our campaign and achieve this was to sell t-shirts with our logo on the front. Luckily for us, this worked out in our favour; apparently wearing tampons on your clothing starts conversations which at the end of the day, is how change really happens! Interestingly, we found that men were just as interested in the campaign as women and were keen to support the cause.

So Katie, how can people help you?

Buying our Bloody Brilliant t-shirts and badges! Our campaign works by using the profit from the t-shirt sales to make campaign kits that are then sent around the world to our ambassadors who campaign around their universities. Other ways people can help us are spreading the word and following our journey on Instagram!

You can follow Bloody Brilliant on Instagram: @bloodybrilliantcampaign or visit their website and support them by popping a funky tampon tee (£7+delivery) in your basket - we've ordered ours and can't wait to wear it with pride!


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