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8 wholesome ways to celebrate the Spring equinox

Oh hey you! I see you. You’re thinking “why am I reading this article about all this Spring equinox malarky” - well let me just stop you RIGHT THERE.

Marking the beginning of spring (officially the 20th March) is kind of rejuvenating (especially after the 12 months we’ve just had). Out with old and in with new I say. If you’re feeling in a bit of slump and you’ve tried everything but connecting with your more spiritual side then perhaps just read on and see if anything tickles your fancy. Most of it is pretty darn cute.

If you’re not sure how to harness the power of the day then here are 8 wholesome and easy ways you can celebrate the longer days to come:

1. Get planting

You don’t need a garden to get green-fingered and add a little bloom to your life. You can usually find cheap plant pots at garden centres or in charity shops (or from a very enthusiastic friend or family member) and then you just need some soil and some window space or a shelf that gets sunlight and off you go. Some good things to plant in Spring:

  • sweet peppers

  • tomatoes

  • aubergines

  • salads

  • crocus

  • sunflowers

  • poppies

  • cornflowers

  • sweet peas

  • herbs

2. Cook a feast

Spring season brings in bountiful feasts. Cook up a delicious grazing platter or sumptuous supper. Whether you enjoy it with family, friends or solo; make sure your plate is colourful and delicious - oozing with all the tasty delights spring brings to the table. If you really can’t be arsed with the cooking then check out Pink Olive Grazing - I mean YUM.

3. Try grounding

Grounding (or earthing) is the practice of touching your bare feet on nature. The theory behind grounding is connecting with the earth’s electrons. Those (slightly negative) electrons absorb the positive charge that builds up in the body. Whether you’re committed to the reasoning behind grounding there’s a lot to be said about connecting with nature in some form - the benefits of which are widely shared as a way to de-stress and manage poor mental health. Get your socks off and touch stuff.

4. Track your moon cycle

Did you know your menstrual cycle has four seasons, just like the moon? Hayley Merrick, Founder of Love Your Cycles a Natural Health Practitioner and Accredited Fertile Body Therapist says:

"When we chart our cycle, we tap into our innate inner knowing. This cyclical wisdom connects us to the moon, the seasons, the ocean and the land. Our cycle is our unique inner magic, by tapping into this we fall into alignment with our authentic self and deepen our connection to Mother Nature.

In practical terms, charting your cycle is the ultimate self-care and empowerment tool. When we live in flow with our cycle, we can reduce physical and psychological stress. We gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our body and our needs.

Reducing stress is imperative to balancing your hormones. Living in tune with your cycle is the first step to creating hormonal harmony."

Hayley has a ton of free resources over on her website including a Luna Phase & Manifesting Guide

5. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day

Have you ever watching the sun rise and set the same day? As spring is all about welcoming in the new and ditching the old, this seems like perfect symbolism to accompany that. We’re all about symbolism.

6. Forgive or say sorry

If there’s something that’s holding you back in life it’s best to face it, deal with it and then try to move on (easier said than done though, right?!). Forgiveness and apologies are two of the hardest things for us to do so there’s something empowering about making the most of the new season of hope and happiness by doing one or both. Perhaps it takes a phone call or a letter. Or perhaps it’s just a few words - said out loud to yourself.

7. Bird spotting

WAIT! Before you leave for real now, let me just explain to you something. Bird watching is COOL. Grab a little chair, pack your favourite snacks, a flask of something hot and delicious and arm yourself with some binoculars (if you have them). A peaceful afternoon watching the cute little birds dotted around. The excitement when you spot a robin or a bird of prey or a couple of glorious tits will have you cheep-cheeping into Spring. The RSPB have some great resources for this too.

8. Celebrate your business

It doesn’t matter if you barely scraped through the last few months or are flying high and feeling flush - this is the perfect time to stop, reflect and celebrate. Celebrate just getting through. Celebrate wins. Celebrate learning experiences. Celebrate resilience. Just make time for yourself to do something special. One of my favourite ways to celebrate is with a hot chocolate and a donut somewhere quiet. Bliss.

Are you with me?

Ready for a sunset? Making peace? Eating a feast? Tag WWD if you decide to share any of these on your social media - perhaps get a group of you to watch the sunrise together from your different locations.’s not so bad is it?! Happy Spring Equinox!


Emma Downey | Founder Emma can be found glued to her laptop/kindle or embarking on her next favourite hobby. Avid cake-eater, Disney-superfan and passionate about female empowerment, Emma founded WWD in 2017. She's currently travelling around Europe in her converted camper van and eating far too many croissants. You can contact Emma: Connect with WWD

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