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5 Top Tips To Boost Your Finances with The Penny Pal

#TalkMoney #TalkPensions Week came to end on Friday and by now you will have seen that Women Who Do were doing our bit to get the money conversation started. We loved being part of it and have decided to continue sharing information from awesome businesses as part of our ongoing commitment to inspire, empower and connect 1,000 women by the end of 2020 and we think that empowering people to feel confident with money is pretty darn important.

Money and money worries can often feel like a dirty little secret but the problem with this particular secret is that it seriously puts our health and well-being at risk. Life has enough pressure as it, money shouldn’t be one of them.

Women Who Do have been catching up with the lovely Sade, the super awesome boss babe behind The Penny Pal. Sade set up The Penny Pal to help others with money management by providing digestible and easy to understand information via her blog. Sade told us after maxing out her overdraft at university she realised she had never had any education regarding money management, Crazy right? She decided to educate herself and help others who might find themselves in similar situations; hence The Penny Pal as born. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!

Not only did we have the pleasure of an interviewing Sade last week, but she has kindly supplied us with her top 5 tips for money management - which we for one are absolutely loving!

1) GET ORGANISED If you're not organised, GET ORGANISED. Use an excel sheet or notebook and write down ALL your expenses and budget before you get paid to track what you can spend that month.

A budget should not be seen as something that restricts you but as something that allows you to spend without guilt.

Check out the free spending plan at to get you started.

2) JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD Just because you can afford something, does not mean you should buy it.

Impulse purchasing is the number one reason people overspend each month. Wanting to treat yourself is great! But if you can, leave 48 hrs to think about if you REALLY want it or not.

3) CHALLENGE YOUR SPENDING If you constantly spend everything you earn an increase in money will not solve your financial problems, it will result in increased spending. Challenge your spending by ask yourself WHY you are purchasing something. Am I buying this because it’s on promotion? Am I buying this because I was influenced by someone? Am I buying this because of peer pressure? Once we know the reason why we are buying something it will become easier to decipher between things we want and things we don’t really need.

4) PRIORITISE You need to have priorities, a lot of us don’t actually have priorities which is why we are so easily distracted. Clarify in your mind 3 priorities that are personal to YOU and keep them front of mind daily; stick them on your mirror or make them your phone lock screen.

5) YOU DON’T NEED TO BE ON THE RICH LIST You can be broke making 100k per year and wealthy making 40k per year, it all comes down to your lifestyle and spending habits. Reaching financial security requires us to evaluate our lifestyle live within your means.

Over the next couple of weeks, Women Who Do Founder, Emma, will be sharing her battle with money and finances and will be starting to put these top tips into practice and sharing on the Women Who Do Instagram - if you take on any of these tips from The Penny Pal then we'd love to see them, so please share them with us and tag us and The Penny Pal (@thepennypal) so we can continue to talk money and talk sense!


Small Business Editor, Alex Preston

Alex is a small business owner, her retail outlet The Bottle Top offers an array of zero waste, sustainable produce, artisan food and craft beer. Recently shortlisted for Business of the year, Alex works on a number of community projects and initiatives to aid sustainable living, conducts

improvement planning to promote economy in her local community and mentors other business owners to help improve their social media marketing. She has been self employed for 5 years since becoming a mum and prior to shop life worked as a manager in the financial services industry,

Alex loves all things sustainable (obviously), crafting and will often be found researching climate

change or business news.

If you would like write a Small Business guest blog post for us, please contact Alex on;


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