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How much do you care about YOU?

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 81% of women have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the last year.

A staggering statistic that has left me feeling frustrated, but one that doesn’t really surprise me. I am surrounded by hard-working women, who juggle everything from childcare and relationships, to businesses and careers. As modern-day women hit the ground running, determined to be better, succeed in more and continue to manage the responsibilities of the mental load for their family - it’s no wonder that such a high percentage are on the precipice of serious mental deterioration. I feel this acutely when in conversation with my female friends, their eyes ringed with too many late nights, the inability to avoid glancing at their phone every three seconds. Everything is so urgent and necessary, they admit to never taking downtime for themselves. Who can blame them, when success and ambition is something we’ve fought so long for and can now have in abundance? There’s literally nothing to stop us and whilst most men have had these opportunities for centuries, we’re powering through our working week with boundless enthusiasm.

I found that when I made the decision to go freelance, from a full-time marketing position, that the workload trebled in a truly unexpected way. I now fulfil every role within a business myself, from the accounts department, to HR, to CEO, marketing manager, sales, the whole shebang. On top of this, attending events and other side projects, it’s damn near impossible to give myself two key things that I desperately need for a healthy business:

1. Learning opportunities; and

2. Serious downtime.

Am I alone? Of course not, you’re all with me. Which is why I so wanted to create that golden opportunity for you. Which is how bare:retreats came about.

It’s not just gallivanting off for a jolly, it’s a much more fulfilling weekend. The retreats have a full programme of experts from social media management, goal setting, scheduling, content writing and branding to more holistic workshops like business coaching, trouble shooting, nutrition and yoga. Holed up in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, with just the local cows and each other for company, it’s a chance to really invest in your businesses. But not just your business, in yourselves too. Creating a small, close-knit community with the other women you meet at the retreats, they’ll become your tribe… your support network. Way beyond the retreats, once you’ve settled back in to the hectic daily routine, they are there on those extra tough days, reminding you how fabulous you are - but they’re also there for those amazing days, to cheer you on and shout about your success from the roof tops and you are the same to them.

The next retreats will be on May 10th – 12th. The cost is £450 including all meals, drinks and workshops. December offer: can’t pay all at once? Take advantage of the payment plan option and spread the cost over 3 months. Find out more and book one of eight exclusive places here.

About the Author:

Emma is the Founder of Women Who Do, running networking events in Winchester, Southampton and Exeter. She has worked in marketing for 7 years. If you'd like to be featured as a guest blogger you can contact her on or to join one of our events, take a look at what's on near you:

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