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Happy Birthday to Us

I can’t believe it’s been a year. A year since I told my other half that I was going to start a networking community for women. A year since I agonised over logos, colour schemes and website design. A year since I stood in a coffee shop, facing 14 women in Winchester, feeling sick to my stomach and at the same time, so unbelievably excited for what was happening in front of me.

My first workshop

I’ve blogged, talked, taught, laughed and cried. There have been times I’ve felt really low, completely confused and totally frustrated, but not once did I question what I was creating. Not once was I tempted to throw in the towel - even during those 2am tears.

I want to be able to say how profoundly grateful I am, for the women I have met at the events, or online, without sounding like some cringey American chat show host. I don’t know how to sound as sincere as I feel. I’ll be rubbish at putting together my wedding speech!

Every time I get a message or an email from someone, just to say how much they enjoyed coming along to an event, how it’s inspired them to do something or given them confidence in meeting new people, or just that’s it’s nice to be around women who are interested in their life stories - I actually feel like my heart might just explode out of my chest right there and then. It never stops making me feel like a total fraud though, because I genuinely do so little. It’s not me that makes the events so successful, it’s the amazing women that attend them. The women who welcome newbies in to the fold and who don’t close them out with turned backs and enclosed circles. Women who initiate collaborations with other women rather than competing with them. Women who encourage each other and who laugh at their own mistakes, making you feel more human with their honesty.

I have met some women who I now consider to be ma gurls for life, I met two that I went on to start a podcast with (if you haven’t seen all the fuss yet, you can go find us @TheMightyFoof on social and iTunes – as if I’d miss the opportunity for a shameless plug!). I’ve met women who I’ve worked with and skill swapped with, who have given me advice and support when I quit my job to go into the world of freelance marketing. I’ve watched women grow their businesses, admit failures and document it all through Instagram. I’ve loved every guest blog submission, every comment on the WWD posts or shares of content. I’ve smiled a smile so big my cheeks could split when I’ve heard the words “we met at a Women Who Do event”. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I am excited for another year as WWD branches into sponsored events in more cities, we grow and we expand - we gather together for our first big conference next year.

So I guess, as I know I’m now on the verge of rambling (I doubt that will ever change!), I’d like to say to you, THANK YOU. For everything you have helped me achieve. THANK YOU.

About the Author:

Emma is the Founder of Women Who Do. She has worked in marketing for 7 years and works as a freelance marketing consultant. If you'd like to be featured as a guest blogger you can contact her on or to join one of our events, take a look at what's on near you:

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