How a break up, quitting my job and losing friends MADE my year...

The period of the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 will remain an absolutely pivotal time in my life. I won’t bore you with the really gory details (plus – it doesn’t deserve my bandwidth) but I’m going to tell you how a 5 year relationship ending, quitting my first ‘proper’ job and losing a whole bunch of friends made me the HAPPIEST I’ve ever been in my life.

1. The Break Up

Break ups are SO sucky. We all know it. Whilst this one was inevitable, it left me reassessing everything I thought I knew. I had to look at myself in an entirely new way. For 5 years, for my entire life as an adult, I’d been part of a pair. I’d always had a shoulder to cry on, someone to call – but suddenly I had to figure life out on my own – I even lived alone, in what had been our home. After the initial ‘I might actually die’ feeling, I realised that I was FREE. My life could be totally awesome if I wanted it to be. Realising that I was being held back by a dead relationship made the break up much easier to swallow and much easier to forgive.

2. Walking Out Of My Job

Before I’d even graduated, I jumped and accepted the first job I was offered. My dad warned me that I might’ve jumped the gun – I hate it when he’s right. Nearly a year down the line I was getting ill every couple of weeks. Working 7.30am-5pm+ was starting to take its toll. I cried at work, my personal problems surrounding the break up started to affect my sleep and my managers started getting worried. After soldiering through for a few months, I met my current partner. Only a couple of years older than me, he was smashing running his own company. I watched with admiration for a while, before I realised I COULD DO THAT! I handed in my notice that week: with no plan, £1000 rent to pay and little experience behind me. I knew it was a huge risk to walk away from a great salary and benefits, into the unknown. Guess what I’m going to say next? Yup – big fat cliché BEST DECISION EVER. I’m not rich yet, I’m not even that close. But by god am I chilled out.

3. RIP Sh*tty Friends

As a result of leaving my job, leaving my ex and (eventually) leaving my flat – I noticed that certain relationships started to wane. Certain people didn’t come knocking so often, or even at all. I suddenly wasn’t welcome at particular social events. At first, I was kinda gutted. Especially gutted about the friends I lost to my ex. I look at my life now, my friends – I’m blessed to have 4 incredible women who I see every single week and speak to nearly every day.

They massively support me, ask about my business and welcome my new partner into their lives. My awesome best friends enrich my life 100 times more than when I had a massive group of acquaintances.

Recently, I’ve got hugely involved with Winchester events and networking. Through this ‘Winch Girl Gang’ was born – a fabulous group of women of varying ages, careers and destinations. I know that we’re destined for good things – a formidable force of friendship.

Out of the ashes, out of a car crash, from rock rock bottom – my new life has emerged, and it’s a great looking bloody phoenix.

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Stephanie is a Hampshire-based content writer, outspoken opinionist and endurance junkie. Find her @btwstephanie or @btwcreativecom and

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