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How Should I Recover from a Bad Idea?

I am the sort of person that relies heavily on my intuition, it's like my best friend. Sometimes, I just know something will work a certain way, the theory behind it is held in my subconscious meaning "my gut" spurs me on to make a decision and I look back at my marvelous idea and do the inside-happy-dance (sometimes it becomes an outside-happy-dance, then everyone's in trouble!).

But sometimes, occasionally, like with everything, I have bad ideas. After I have realised my idea was terrible and it's failed, I spend days agonising over it.

They manifest in my dream land, usually filled with tumbling cute kittens or Zac Efron (or sometimes both), my dreams become nightmares, about running events where no one shows up, about sending out a social media campaign that everyone laughs at, or looking at the finances and realising I've spent all the money on gold plated frog-shaped hole get the idea. For a few days I feel totally disconnected from my goals, ready to chuck in the towel. Needless to say, my smile is definitely upside-down.

But I find it near impossible not to get like this - Women Who Do means so much to me - how can I not take a knock to the ego? I love that people are so positive from their mistakes, taking the time to learn from them and eventually I get there too, but in the meantime I am a ball of knotted pissed-off-ness.

Am I the only one? Surely not, surely other people have this same frustration, the same embarrassment when things don't go to plan. Surely not everyone picks themselves up and writes a self-help book about it?

So what do you do? When things go down the pan, a bad plan pan? What do you do to move on, to pick yourself up?

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