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#MealsIn30 - Meat-Free Open Lasagne


Week 2 - what a week we had at WWD! Aside from all the excitement of new events, this week the WWD Food Tribe ventured into the wonderful world of vegetarianism, a Quorn recipe, Open Lasagne. We had some initial disapproval over the use of Quorn (*Ahem Sadie*) but mostly we were excited to try something we wouldn't normally throw together. Here's how it went (keep your eyes peeled for our furry friend).

Meat-Free Open Lasagne

"Now I drink it 'til the cows come home..."

The scores came in as follows:


Time - 40 mins

Tastiness - 7/10

Easiness - 9/10


Time - 35 mins

Tastiness - 5/10

Easiness - 9/10


Time - 35 mins

Tastiness - 7/10

Easiness - 9/10

The full recipe can be found here.

It's great when you can nail a recipe down and it takes under 30 minutes and we think this could be one of those. Once you know what you're doing - it would be much easier as there isn't much general faffing going on. This is a generally yummy recipe with ingredients that you would pretty much have in your cupboard already and if you didn't would be OK to keep there to use again.

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