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Join our Conference line-up

We have plenty of opportunities to join our Conference line-up, submit an application for what you feel most drawn to.

Workshops - 4 x 1 hour sessions

Our workshops are led by enthusiastic and knowledgable women who are passionate about teaching others. This year we are hosting our conference live, in Southampton and have decided to focus on one day with a mix of business and wellbeing. 

There are four opportunities to host the workshops; each workshop must be 1 hour.

Inspiration Talk - the headliner

We're looking for one woman/brand to share their story of inspiration. This is a coveted slot and we are looking for someone engaging and inspiring, who has overcome challenges/spearheaded change.

There will be only one headliner.

Panel Discussions - 2 x 1 hour sessions:

If you're passionate about business or wellbeing and feel like you'd enjoy being part of a discussion panel this could be for you. Attendees can submit a range of questions before the Conference and some will be directed on the day, ensuring we have an open and flowing panel. I love these discussion panels because we always land on something amazing. Last year this was a huge success and that's why it's back again!

2 x 1 hour sessions, three experts on each panel

The Clinics - 3 x 1 hour sessions

New for 2023, to give a well-rounded experience we've decided to design three clinics; two business and one wellbeing, where attendees can enter specific rooms and ask questions to our series of experts so they get on-the-spot help and advice. This is going to be an incredible tool for many attendees and the Clinic Experts.

3 x 1 hour sessions, attendees can ask experts questions to the Clinic Experts. 

What to think about for your application

Application tip -

We've learnt from previous large scale events that information and detail is key. The more detail you can give the easier it is for us to visualise your application.

How many can I apply for? 

You can apply for as many as you like.

If I'm a sponsor can I submit an application?

If you sponsor our Conference you can only submit an application for Inspiration Talks or the Biz Clinics.

I've never done a talk before, would I still be considered?

Of course! 100%! We ask for previous experience but it's certainly not a requirement (we're just nosey!). We will be in touch with applications we're considering to have a quick chat via Zoom, so you have the chance to ask any questions.

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