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Masterclass: Uncover Your Purpose


Your purpose is your north star, your roadmap: it orientates you towards your long-term ambitions and goals. It gives you confidence in where you’re going, it provides a sense of direction and guides your decisions. When you know your purpose, you can spend more time each day doing the things that matter to you, and feel more fulfilled, content, and joyful. And who wouldn’t want that?! Whether you run your own business or are climbing the ladder in your career, this workshop is for you. In this 90 min workshop I’m sharing the tools to unlock the confidence to deeply connect with yourself and uncover your purpose along with how to translate this purpose into action; because when you know who you are, what you want & what your purpose is, you can go after it with aliveness and power. In this workshop you’ll learn: 💫 Why and how understanding your purpose is fundamental to success 💫 Demystifying exactly what purpose is 💫 How to uncover your own purpose: my step-by-step method of self-discovery 💫 What to do if the idea of uncovering your purpose feels tough or overwhelming 💫 The confidence to translate your purpose into action You’ll leave the masterclass feeling full of clarity, confidence, direction and of course PURPOSE! BONUS - 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Jennifer Spurr


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