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Wednesday 10th - Thursday 11th November | Online

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For the movers and shakers, the creators and makers…
This is for you.

WWD: Be Bold - The Conference is two days packed full with purpose and passion, led by female entrepreneurs who are all masters of their craft.


10 interactive workshops. A dreamy balance of business and wellbeing. A community of empowered, inspired woman.


What are you waiting for?

Young Businesswomen
We've all been there...

Signing up for all the webinars. Downloading endless blueprints (and never *really* looking at them). The owner of a mailbox creaking underneath the weight of endless free masterclasses.


It isn’t that these offerings aren’t great. It’s that they’re stuck behind a wall of ‘too-much-to-do-not-enough-time’.


Sound familiar? 😅


That’s why we created WWD: Be Bold - The Conference. 10 valuable, actionable and high vibe workshops alongside an expert panel, all centred around helping you fire up your business and wellbeing. And the really tasty bit? It’s all online over two powerful, action-focused days.

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WWD: Be Bold - The Conference is for you if…

✅  You’re looking for an opportunity to take a hearty dive into your business with genuine actions to implement 👏🏿  straight 👏🏾  away 👏🏼


✅  You want to forge a better connection between your business and wellbeing


✅  You dream of scaling your business, but not at the expense of your health


✅  You’re keen to learn about everything from podcasting to success mindset, PR to cyclical wisdom, energy flow practices to brand messaging (and a hell of a lot in between)


✅  You believe women deserve MORE opportunities and that it’s time to create a lifestyle that helps you reach YOUR version of success


Are you shouting ‘IT’S ME! IT’S ME!’ at the top of your lungs?



Be courageous. Be inspired. Be bold. 🚀

This isn’t your typical suit, tie and a dry croissant kind of conference.


It’s a chance for you to learn from other epic women about the many ways to bring harmony to your career and life.


We want you to leave BURSTING with energy. To have a notebook brimming with ideas ready to pour straight into your brilliant business. 


‘Cos you deserve it. Your business deserves it. And we’re the annual event that’s going to serve it to you.

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Here’s what’s waiting for you at WWD: Be Bold - The Conference
You’ll be rubbing shoulders with…
Day 1
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Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee Communications

How to get your business in the press


Annabel is a freelance communications consultant and writer. She has worked in PR for over 12 years and is passionate about helping small and growing businesses know more about PR and demystify what is often thought of as something only for big brands. In her workshop, Annabel will be teaching you the fundamentals of PR, how to feel confident about creating a story and pitching, as well as ‘quick wins’ that you can put into practice straight away.

Amber Badger

The Wild Wordsmith

Unlocking your brand vision statement through creative journaling

Amber is a copywriter, writing mentor and content strategist at her business, The Wild Wordsmith. She (and her team) specialises in 'soulful stories for free-spirited brands'. Amber is passionate about the role of creative wellbeing in business growth, and so her hands-on workshop is all about writing a brand vision statement through the act of journaling.

Tammi Heals

Podcats Media

Share Your Voice: Podcasting for Business Growth

Tammi is Founder of Podcats Media and a brand identity specialist supporting independent businesses to build a business their own way to make it fun and profitable. She hosts The Brand Lounge podcast which you can find on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts. During her workshop, you will learn how to embrace and capitilise on the world of podcasting as a way to build business authority. 

Sarah Newland 

Keyboard Smash

Master your CRM

Sarah is the founder of Keyboard Smash - a business born out of a passion to reduce the barriers business owners face when moving their business forward. She is a CRM guru, and during her workshop she will be sharing her knowledge of the client’s full life-cycle and how you can use your CRM to re-engage with them time and time again. You will learn a simple system, ready to implement in your software of choice so that you can save time, money and headspace!

Adina Kroll

Business Coach and Sales Expert

Adina is an international business coach, sales expert, author, speaker and defender for women who DARE to desire more money, impact and freedom. Her workshop is centred around human design and how it can be a powerful tool for more ease and (cash) flow. She will teach you how to leverage your own design to launch easier and how to attract more leads, clients or anything else that your heart desires.

Day 2
Alix Coleby

Core Stories Yoga

All aboard for VAGUS!


Alix is the founder of Core Stories Yoga and Stay Lit Vibes. She is a teacher, speaker, energy warrior and adventurer. During her workshop, you will get up close and personal with your ‘Wandering Nerve’ - aka, the Vagus Nerve. She will show you how to connect the physical to the mental and emotional as a way to seek balance, spark creativity and stay lit for life. This is ideal for anyone who is looking for a deeper connection and understanding of themselves in their body.

Sonya Matharu

Sonya - The Mortgage Mum

Money, Mindset & Mortgages


Sonya is a Senior Mortgage Broker, Mentor and Personal-Development Obsessive. She believes in empowering people to make smart financial decisions that suit their circumstance and help them reach their goals. This workshop has been
designed to help educate, inspire and inform by helping you to:
○ Break unhealthy financial habits
○ Create balance between saving and living
○ Prepare for a mortgage.

Kate Davis

Kate Davis Coach

Thinking Big - how to develop a success mindset


Kate is a qualified leadership coach and business mentor. She helps creative business owners to uplevel and grow their businesses with practical business advice and proven coaching techniques. Her workshop will show you how to find your zone of genius and use it more - to enjoy your work and earn more money doing it. You will create a future vision for you and your business, and recognise what might be holding you back.

Tessa Sanderson

Cyclical Wisdom

Benefiting from the Inner Seasons for sustainable productivity and creativity – Cyclical living just became your new BFF.


Tessa has been a yoga teacher and trainer for 16+ years.  She is also a cycle awareness educator and period / perimenopause coach and author of six books. Her interactive workshop will dive into the world of cyclical living and how to benefit from different cycles in your life, rather than just put up with them.  You will learn about the concept of the Inner Seasons so that you can create a map for how to maximise your productivity, creativity and skills. 

Lucy Orton

Lucy Orton Coach

Overcoming imposter syndrome to skyrocket your business 


Lucy Orton is a certified positive psychology coach, podcaster and expert on self-sabotage. Her popular weekly podcast 'Self-Sabotage To Success' is in the top 5% of podcasts globally and has reached no.7 in the UK Apple Entrepreneurship charts. By the end of her workshop, you will feel empowered to ditch any feelings that don't belong and move forward in achieving your business and life goals without feeling held back - or that they will be ‘found out’ at any moment.

Our Panel of Experts

Day 1
Day 2
Becky Pope
Money & Finance Expert
Laura Coleman
Pausing & Meditation Expert
Emma Rowley
Organisation Expert
Amie Crews
Compassion & Motivation Expert
Rosie Davies
Social Media Expert
Isabelle Griffith
Stress & Balance Expert
Laura Greenland
Marketing Expert

Who are WWD?

Since 2017, Women Who Do has been empowering women to live their biggest, wildest, boldest dreams. Through networking events, free expert guides and accessible online training, we provide a line of support for fellow women who are tired of feeling alone while trying to build the life that they know they deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cap on tickets?

We have a cap of 1,000 tickets (gulp!) - how EPIC would it be if we hit that in our first year?!

Do you offer refunds?

We will provide full refunds up to seven days before the event. You will be able to get a 50% refund up to 72 hours before - however, anything less than 72 hours and unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund.

Can I apply to be a speaker?

All of our speaker slots have been filled (we had over 50 applications!) for our 2021 conference, however please do apply for our 2022 conference… We’d love to hear from you!

Will you run WWD: Be Bold - The Conference again?

You bet. WWD: Be Bold - The Conference is going to be an annual event. This is our debut year, and we want as many people as possible to experience it.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! We have been lucky enough to secure some brilliant sponsors for our first conference, but the more support we can get, the bigger and better we can make this event. For a sponsorship brochure, please email emma@womenwd.co.uk.

Will there be recordings available if I miss the workshops?

Yes! We will be releasing the workshops after the live event.

Do something that future you will thank you for.


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