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About us & you

Since 2017 we've been committed to empowering women to feel confident, supported and live their big, bold ambitions.

We run networking events, share guidance and advice via our blog and social channels and provide a line of support to women who are fed up of feeling alone in trying to build the life they know they deserve.

We're your biggest (and loudest) cheerleaders...

We believe in you.

Your ideas.

Your vision.

Your dreams.

Your ambition.






We're makers, designers, creators, professionals, advisors and dreamers. We're here ready to cheer you on when you need it most.


No matter how established your business is, how far up the career ladder you've climbed - we just want to help support whatever goal you're reaching for next.


With advice, guidance, workshops, seminars and more; we help you build your confidence and skills.